Edit script


Allows to edit a script.

Required input

Script name: each script requires a unique name.

Shortcut key: assign a shortcut key to the script. You can select a character in the range A..Z or 1..9. For example when you select the letter A, you will be able to execute the script by pressing the key combination Shift + Ctrl + A

Script commands: a list of commands that make up the script.

Script commands

AnalyzeObjects [include | exclude] [minarea maxarea]
Extract object contours from the binary image.
Optional parameters:
include | exclude: include or exclude objects that are on the image border
minarea: minimum area of objects
maxarea: maximum area of objects
Correct image defects caused by uneven illumination.
Binarize [lower threshold] [higher threshold]
Convert the image to a binary image by converting all pixels between two threshold values to red and those below the lower or above the higher threshold to white. Optional parameterss:
lower threshold : a value in the range [0..255]
higher threshold: a value in the range [0..255]
if only one threshold value is given this value is used as the higher threshold and the lower threshold is set to 0.
Maximize contrast automatically.
Remove noise from images without blurring edges.
Flip vertical | horizontal
Flip the image vertically or horizontally.
Convert the image to a grayscale image.
Create a negative of the image.
Rotate left | right
Rotate the image left or right.
Add pixels at region boundaries and fill in holes (Morphological Dilate operation).
Remove pixels at boundaries or regions and increase the size of holes (Morphological Erode operation).
Smooth boundaries, break narrow isthmuses and eliminate small noise regions (Morphological Open operation).
Smooth boundaries, join narrow breaks and fill small holes caused by noise (Morphological Close operation).
Selects all measurement objects in the image window.
Sharpen [filtersize] [intensity]
Apply a sharpen filter to the image.
Optional parameters:
filtersize: larger filter size yields stronger effect
intensity: % filter intensity



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