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Download Digimizer - version 6.4.0

Download: digimizersetup.msi (13.33MB)

This is the Digimizer auto-installation file. In order to download, you may need to use the "Save Target as..." or "Save to Disk" commands of your Web browser after right-clicking the download link.

The digimizersetup.msi file is suitable for new installations as well as software updates.

If you have previously installed Digimizer, you must close any open (running) copy of Digimizer first. Then execute digimizersetup.msi and follow the instructions of the installation procedure.

You can use Digimizer, without any feature limitations, during 30 days without registration.

After this trial period you should purchase a Digimizer license so you can continue to use the software.

See Update history for list or recent improvements and additions.

Free DGZ file viewer

The DGZ file viewer allows to open a DGZ file and view the measurements, without the need of a Digimizer license.

The file viewer does not allow to do any measurements.

Download: dgz-fileviewer-setup.msi (11.22MB)