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Software features

Image file operations

Image manipulation

Manual measurements

Digimizer allows to:

Units of measurements: kilometer (km), hectometer (hm), decameter (dam), meter (m), centimeter (cm), millimeter (mm), micrometer (µm), nanometer (nm), picometer (pm), femtometer (fm), attometer (am), inch (in), foot (ft), yard (yd), mile (mi), degrees (°) or pixels.

Image analysis

Measurements list

The measurements list displays the measurements in the current image, but can also include measurements of several images.


The integrated statistics table displays statistics (n, mean, SD, minimum and maximum) of the measurements in the Measurements list.


System requirements

To use Digimizer, you need a PC with

To run the program on a Mac, a Windows emulator is necessary such as Parallels or use Bootcamp.

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