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Update history

This page lists changes and new features in recent versions of Digimizer®. The most recent additions and changes are listed at the top.

Version 6.4

  • Revision of font sizes in dialog boxes, and for several elements of the user interface.

Version 6.3

  • Added the calculation of "distance" in Path tool (the distance between the first and last point of the path).
  • New in scripts:
    • obj.Selected attribute
    • obj.Select and obj.Unselect method
    • UnselectAll procedure

Version 6.2

  • Improved zoom functions.
  • Fixed a bug in the detailed statistical report which could cause to program to block.

Version 6.1

  • Added a more detailed statistical report. In the Statistics frame click the button and select Detailed statistics. A statistical report will be displayed of the selected items in the statistics frame. If no items are selected, the report includes all tools and measurements.

Version 6

  • Improved integration with Windows 11.
  • Fixed a compatibility problem with some antivirus software.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause the program to generate an error message when closing the program in Windows versions before Windows 10.

Version 5.9

Version 5.8

  • Added an Arc measurement tool.
  • Added a command to Autofit column width in the measurements list and statistics window (available on the pop-up menu activated by clicking the button).
  • Improved zooming.
  • Added an option to increase the size of text boxes when saving the image as a bitmap.
  • Draw slightly thicker lines when size of text boxes is increased.

Version 5.7

Version 5.6

  • Improved support for high resolution screens.

Version 5.5

Version 5.4

  • New Image annotations in the File menu.
  • Added an option to set the file name of an image according to a barcode contained in the image.
  • Added new functions Time(), Now() and Hypot() in the Digimizer script language.

Version 5.3

Version 5.2

Version 5.1

  • Added a function to grab an image from a live camera feed - see Grab Image from Camera
  • Added an option Show area centroid - see Options
  • Threshold values are displayed in the histogram - see Stretch Histogram and Binarization
  • In Analyze Objects: added an option to specify a minimum and maximum object length in Analyze Objects, and an option "Objects can contain other objects".

Version 4.5

Version 4.2

  • Added an option to export results as Excel xslx files.

Version 4.1

  • Possibility to define a lower and higher threshold value for binarization.

Version 4

  • New in measurements list: Average intensity of blue, green and red channels; and Average hue.

Version 3.8

Version 3.7

Version 3.6

Version 3.5

Version 3.3

Version 3.2

Version 3.1

  • Added width and height for the Rectangle measurement tool
  • Added length and width for the Area measurement tool
  • Export Measurements list as a MedCalc file.
  • Improved Thumbnail view of Digimizer Image files (*.dgz) in Windows Explorer
  • Improved default calibration settings - see Options

Version 3

Version 2.2

  • Support for DICOM files

Version 2.1

  • Added measurement of average intensity.
  • Toolbars have been reorganized into one single toolbar
  • Added measurements list feature
  • New in View menu:
  • Implementation of Online Help (this help file)
  • New in View menu:
  • New Binary menu:
  • New in Tools menu:
  • "Lasso" function: when using the path or area tools, the program will "sample" points when you press the Ctrl key whilst moving the mouse.
  • Rectangular selection tool: in Select mode, you can select measuring objects by dragging the mouse over the objects.
  • Fit line: when 2 or more Marker, Perpendicular Line or Circle objects are selected, a "Fit Line" is available in the context menu (which appears after right-clicking the mosue in the image). The line is fitted using a custom (perpendicular) regression method. The angle is reported with 95% CI. For Circle objects the center is used, and for Perpendicular Line objects the middle point of the perpendicular line is used in the regression procedure.
  • New in File menu:
    • Save: save the image in Digimizer native format (file extension .dgz)
    • Save as: save the image in Digimizer native format, or in JPG, GIF, PNG or TIFF format.
    • Select Source: select scanner (if available)
    • Acquire Image: acquire image from scanner (if available)
    • Print: Print image
  • New in Edit menu:
    • Undo: multi-level Undo
  • New in Format menu:
    • Resize: resize image
  • New in Image menu:
    • Background Correction: corrects image defects caused by uneven illumination (e.g. in microscopy)
    • Despeckle: Removes noise from images without blurring edges
    • Convert to Grayscale: Converts the image to a grayscale image
    • Invert: Creates a negative of the image
    • Negative: Inverts selected colors
    • Sharpen: Applies a sharpen filter to the image
    • Filters: several filters (experimental - some of these may be removed in future versions of Digimizer)