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Allows to configure the software and select different options.

Dialog box

  • Default calibration: select this option to use a default calibration. The default calibration is entered as number of pixels per unit of length.
    Digimizer offers the following units of length: kilometer (km), hectometer (hm), decameter (dam), meter (m), centimeter (cm), millimeter (mm), micrometer (µm), nanometer (nm), picometer (pm), femtometer (fm), attometer (am), inch (in), foot (ft), yard (yd), mile (mi), degrees (°), units (u) (an unspecified relative unit), or pixels.
  • Show info box with results after finalizing measurement: when this option is selected, a small info box will be displayed in the image after each measurement. The content of this info box is defined in the next option.
  • Info box includes: select the information you want to be displayed in the measurement info box:
    • measurements
    • object label and measurements
    • object label only
  • Show circle quadrants: show quadrants in circle measurement objects.
  • Show area centroid: show the centroid of objects in the image window.
  • Default zoom: enter an optional default zoom (1 to 2000).
  • Invert image after scanning: option to invert the image after acquiring it from the scanner. See Acquire image from Scanner.
  • Check new images for barcodes automatically: when this option is selected, Digimizer will try to identify and decode barcodes and QR codes in the image. See Barcodes.

    Use barcode as new DGZ image file name: when you open a bitmap file (jpg, png, tif, etc.), or scan an image, the software can search for a barcode (previous option) and if a barcode is found, can set the barcode as the new name of the DGZ image file. When you save the file, it will be saved in the specified default location.

  • Do not ask to save unnamed measurements lists: when a measurement is added to the measurements list, the list is marked as 'changed', and you will be prompted to save the measurements list before clearing the list, or before you exit the program. If you don't need this reminder, select this option.
  • Check for software updates every 3 days: when this option is selected, the software will connect to the Digimizer website every 3 days to check whether a new version is available.

Options dialog box

Click OK to proceed.

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