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Measurements list

The measurements list contains the different measurements performed in one or more images.

Digimizer measurements list

When the Measurements list window is not visible, use the command View measurements list to open it.

Only the parameters selected in the Measurements List Columns options box are displayed in the Measurements list window.

To close the Measurements list window, click the button.

The first column "Measurement" contains a label for the measurement which you can edit (after double-clicking or pressing F2).

Click the button to obtain the following popup menu:

Measurements list menu

  • New: starts a new measurements list.
  • Open: opens an existing Measurements List file.
  • Save: save the measurements list as a file.
  • Save as: saves the measurements list as a new file.
  • Export: allows to export the measurements list as an Excel spreadsheet file, or as a MedCalc file for statistical analysis.
  • Print: print the information displayed in the Measurements list window
  • Columns: select the columns visible in the Measurements list window (see Measurements List Columns).
  • AutoFit column width: Reset the column widths so that all values are completely visible.

The Measurements list and the Digimizer image file format DGZ

In Digimizer, you can save image in a special file format with file extension DGZ. The files in this format do not only contain the image in a compressed format (without quality loss), but also the measurements performed in this image.

When you re-open such file the measurements are added –if not already there– to the current measurements list, and you can add, delete, or modify the measurements.

All measurements performed in Digimizer have a global unique identifier number. These identifiers prevent that re-opening the file results in duplicates in the measurements list.

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