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Statistics frame

The statistics frame displays summary statistics for the different measurements that are displayed in the measurements list.

Digimizer statistics frame

The statistics frame contains the following columns:

  • Tool: the measurement tool (e.g., circle, area, ...)
  • Measure: the different measures taken by the measurement tool (e.g., for area there are rows for Area and Perimeter)
  • n: the number of measurements
  • Mean: the arithmetic mean of measurements
  • SD: the standard deviation of measurements
  • Min: the smallest value
  • Max: the largest value

When the statistics frame is not visible, use the command View statistics to open it.

To close the statistics frame, click the button.

Click the button to obtain the following popup menu:

Statistics popup menu

  • AutoFit column width: Reset the column widths so that all values are completely visible.
  • Print: Print the information displayed in the statistics frame.
  • Detailed Statistics: Generates a more comprehensive statistical report on the selected items. If no item is selected in the statistics frame, the report includes all items.

    Detailed statistical report

    The report includes summary statistics, percentiles, and a histogram with Box-and-Whisker plot. A detailed description of a Box-and-Whisker plot is given in the MedCalc manual.

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