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Measurement tools

You can measure objects in the image using any of the following Measurement tools:

Select buttonSelect

Allows to select existing measurement objects in the image.

Lock buttonLock tool

When the lock is Open, the program returns to Select mode after performing a measurement using any of the tools below. Close the lock when you need to perform several measurements with the same tool.

Unit buttonUnit

Draw line (click two points) to define the unit of measurement.

Length buttonLength

Draw line to measure a length or distance.

Middle buttonMiddle

Draw line and mark middle point.

Angle buttonAngle

Click 3 points to measure an angle.

Perpendicular line buttonPerpendicular line

First click 2 points to draw a line. Next click a 3rd point to draw a second line perpendicular on the first line. The middle point of the second line is shown.

Path buttonPath

Click several points to obtain a path and calculate its total length.

Area buttonArea

Click several points to obtain an area (closed path) and calculate its surface area and perimeter.

Center buttonCenter

Click several points and find their common center assuming they form a circle.

Circle buttonCircle

Click a point to define the circle, move the mouse to the center of the circle and click.

Ellipse buttonEllipse

Click 2 points to define the long axis of the ellipse and next click any 3rd point that lies on the ellipse.

Arc buttonArc

Click 3 points to define a circular arc.

Rectangle buttonRectangle

Measures a rectangle.

Marker style 1 buttonMarker/Counter

Click in the image to place a marker.

Marker style 2 buttonMarker/Counter

Click in the image to place a marker.

Barcode buttonBarcode

Identify and decode a barcode.

Magic contour controlMagic contour

Finds the contour of objects automatically.

Color controlColor selection tool

Select color for measurement objects.

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