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Zoom controls

Zoom factor controlZoom factor

To change the zoom factor:

  • enter the zoom factor in the range 1 to 2000 and press Enter,

    - or -

  • use the up-down control to increase or decrease the zoom factor.
Zoom in buttonZoom in

Click in the image to increase the zoom factor and show more detail.

Zoom out buttonZoom out

Click in the image to decrease the zoom factor and show less detail.

Zoom to fit buttonFit

Adjusts the zoom so that the image fits inside the window.

Drag buttonDrag

Move the image inside the window.

  • Zooming only magnifies the image on your screen; it does not change the physical size of the picture.
  • To zoom into a specific area: activate Zoom in button and next click a starting point and move the mouse to drag a rectangle over the area of interest.
  • To zoom in and out using the mouse, hold down the Ctrl key while you turn the mouse wheel.

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